Apr 212011

I’m pretty sure if anyone asked me if I would ever have the phrase “slam poetry” as a phrase on my blog, the answer would have been a very clear, “Umm, no, sorry”. Yet Winona Linn does a pretty awesome job. And, let’s face it, who hasn’t thought Stephen Harper would be a bad lover?

Mar 302011

The videos below are two of the TED talks by Ken Robinson (2006 and 2010), who focuses on education systems. The first is about creativity, and how it is as important as literacy, but whereas we learn literacy, we tend to “unlearn” creativity.

The second one looks at how education systems tend to be like manufacturing enterprises, assembly line entities that go linearly from kindergarten to higher education. His talk argues for a different way of looking at it, more like a fine-dining restaurant than McEducation. The quote from Lincoln alone is probably worth the price of watching. Enjoy…